Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, The Humanity

Doghouse writes a brilliant demolition of Douthat, who is never worth reading to start with, but is certainly good at tossing softballs to people with minds:

I have to wonder if Regnerus and Uecker are actually real people.  These names are names from a novel by Tom Wolfe, aren't they?  The first one evokes the infamous right wing publisher as well as St. Ronnie.  The second guy obviously evokes the dim but comic character Bob Uecker made of himself after his playing days were done.  What a pair.  A capable conservative would have spent his NY Times footage exposing yet another example of academic misappropriation of limited resources, on a par with the US Government spending .000001% of it's budget on NPR support (particularly when NPR is doing pieces suggesting that the Government of Kentucky's financial support of the Noah's Arc Theme Park is simply a matter of some folks believe the earth is 6000 years old, others believe different).  Instead, Douthat actually cites these muddled sociological con-men, which only makes his terminal muddle that much worse.  Next Brietbart will fund a movie about them--sort of an answer to the "Social Network," Liberal Hollywood's definitive statement on Sex in the 1990s.

Meanwhile, over at Edroso today you can find a serious discourse (via YouTube) between Hugh Heffner and some guy with a porn 'stash on the nature of "watering holes" around the world.  Roy suggests a new gig for Sheen.  Good plan.  When Sheen appeared on O'Donnell last week it was the first naked-eye glimpse of the on-rushing asteroid, the end of theorizing about the mysterious vaporizing of Olbermann.  Now we know.  And last night the infernal glow grew brighter.  O'Donnell interviewed David Brooks. 

I'm hoping women's softball starts soon on ESPN.  I only watch it for educational purposes.  If I was in New York City myself in a couple of weeks (March 26), I'd try to catch Si Kahn's concert commemorating the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire.  Apparently we're going to have to relive the whole struggle for worker's rights again, if the efforts to demolish Unions succeed.  Already Mr. DeMint has suggested a national "right to work" law.  It's too bad Henry Ford is not running in 2012. 

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