Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Risible Mr. Hannity

I enjoyed a laugh yesterday when Hannity opined as how he was fine with the First Amendment ("I practice it everyday here on the show," he said), but not with Common's statements.  Poor fellow.  The contradictions must twist his lower intestines to such a degree that getting normal "regularity" must be a chore.  It's now only one tiny step to "I'm fine with the First Amendment, as long as you say what I approve of."  Some fellow traveler on the show chimed in to entirely change the subject to how rappers generally talk about women, assuming there is such a generalization out there in reality.  Who knows.  For a PhD in brow-beating, you can't beat Hannity.  My guess is, he learned the trade from newspaper home delivery sales drives.  Either that, or from making money in the summers selling bibles to the unwary.  Meanwhile, Osama remains deceased, and the rhetorical war on "rinos" continues apace on the rightwing blogs, according to reliable sources. 

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