Monday, May 30, 2011


There is a want of a nail aspect to motor racing, as there is to life in general, and it wasn't just Napoleon who discovered that aspect of how things are.  First, at the Brickyard, a rookie driver crashed on the very last turn and allowed vet Dan Wheldon to win the dang thing, while the rookie was going so fast that even wrecked and missing wheels, he crept across the finish line in 2nd place.  Then last night at Charlotte, the same thing happened more or less.  After Jimmy Johnson's engine blew up and caused an endless caution, running the gas down to fume in the top three or four cars, Kevin Harvick of all people managed to win the race, blasting past Junior's final turn-to-line coast for an entirely unexpected win, even to himself.  And then we saw the happy sunny side of Harvick.  All was well for the moment.  No doubt Kyle Busch's retirement to the garage and far distant 32nd place did not but add sweetness to Harvick's humour. 

We felt kinda like election day, '68.   The good news is, Fox's is running through its allotment of races and soon will be on to other stuff.  NASCAR had best be some careful--it could all end up looking too much like wraslin'.  That would not be a good thing. 

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