Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rockefeller Republicans

ABC news got a nice little behind the scenes picture of where things are at re the Ryan budget.  Here's the clip:

I always figured Bill Clinton as a Rockefeller Republican.  He certainly had no problems with NAFTA or with watching American jobs vanish by the millions.  He was fortunate (and competent)--during his term the economy was doing quite well, and lost jobs in the rust belt were being replaced  by less strenuous jobs elsewhere.  For a lot of the real work that remained, Latinos legal and otherwise amounted to exactly the same result as sending jobs overseas.  Then, of course, along came Bush.

Maybe it's just me, but I find Bill Clinton's commiseration with Mr. Ryan appalling.  If Democrats can't take a clear position in opposition to the Ryan budget, what are they going to take a clear position against.  Do Democrats these days actually believe the trickle down jive?  As I was saying in my last post, Mr. Ryan needs to be put to a new task--finding himself a nice job at the CVS cash register.  Putting a few years in that slot might actually teach him something.  Something real I mean.  Like making a car payment, or a health insurance payment for that matter.  

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