Friday, November 4, 2011

Hannity, Twisting in the Wind


I'll have more to say, perhaps, on the wonderful and distracting Cain "story," which is now the unfolding rather than the initial Politico piece. For the moment, it being time for work, I'll just rejoice that Mr. Cain's complete arrogance (for such it is) is driving him to leave even his most passionate supporters, such as the odious Mr. Hannity, entirely hanging out. This also goes for his buds at National Review Online, not to mention the Colters of the Right, who are actually now using terminology (thanks to Jon Stewart for this info) like "our blacks" and "their blacks." Yesterday's Hannity radio extravaganza featured a long interview with Cain, who continued to muddle and dissemble, with nary a serious question from Hannity, until apparently the both of them just ran out of air. Then Mr. Rove came on to discuss, and I thought he was some leftist, since his fairly sensible remark hung in the air like the Hindenburg over New Jersey: "why doesn't the National Restaurant Association," Rove said, "just put out all the documentation on these cases, with the names blacked out?" Well golly willikers. What an idea.

Anyways, for the moment Mr. Hannity has been utterly used by Mr. Cain, his credibility sopped up like turkey gravy on white bread. Last night much was made of Mr. Cain's blanket assertion, back in March, that he was pure as the driven snow, that should anyone suggest anything scandalous about him, that suggestion would be, per se, a lie, made up. Apparently Mr. Cain was certain that those agreements of confidentiality were as tight as Fort Knox, and that he could simply brazen things out. That is an expression of arrogance in the extreme. He continues on the path, knocking the pins asunder as he finds them. And of course in the end of this he may find even his book sales have fallen off to remainder bin levels, and his jaunty jive hat knocked to the curb by a reality that is immune to arrogance, if slow to rebound from the initial impact.

Nein, nein, nein, Herr Cain. Tbogg has it right:

What sustains Mr. Cain at the moment is only the almost erotic delight in victimhood which the Teaparty Right swims in, oblivious. I don't think that will sustain a presidential campaign.

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