Saturday, November 5, 2011


(photo (c) Marion Post Wolcott, 1941)

This phenomenon was predicted, over and over again, by people who could see the obvious--that draconian deportation policies founder on the rocks of the plain fact that many undocumented residents are parents of American citizens who cannot legally be deported.

As with many right wing political policies, logic bears little leverage on action (or as in climate change, inaction). And so we find the same people who are trying to pass a life-begins-at-conception amendment in Mississippi arguing for deportation (and electric fences). And probably those same people are fine with drone strikes in far away villages, and the collateral damage ensuing.

Mr. Cain is absolutely the candidate for these folks. Like them, he is uninterested in logic and implication. Mr. Cain is the Right Wing Talk Show Host candidate, and better at the "candidate job" than the last guy who tried it, Alan Keyes. He appeals to "jes folks." He's the guy on the nail keg, down at the Texaco, with a Pepsi bottle full of floating peanuts, on a hot August morning. He's got in all the shingling he's gonna do for the day, started at 5 when it was cool. He's on the way, slowly, to the river, with a pole and a can of worms. Along his route he's gonna visit some with whomever stops to fill up the tank, about whatever he feels like talking about.

"You know ma," the farmer says driving away from the pumps. "I'da vote for that guy if he was running. The pointyheads are just ruining the country. You'd a thought when we fried those two jew scientists for stealing the A-bomb, things would a changed."

9-9-9 is the same way. Polls now show that Iowans believe by a significant margin that Cain's tax plan is going to save them some serious tax dollars. In fact, math shows that for a person with an income below $100,000 it will actually cost them thousands a year more in taxes. But an appeal to math is really an appeal to "elitist thinking." It's the pointy heads again. Them jew scientists were traitors, but they were good at math.

This is where the mystery of poll results meets the political designs of oligarchs who aim to win the Presidency. In Herman Cain they might have got 'em a winner. After a week of "scandal," he's up in the polls, and the voters believe it's all a plot by the Liberal Press.

(I thought this post up entirely independently of Mr. R. Pundit (see his post of 11/1/11), who says it better:
The Rude Pundit )


  1. people's willful ignorance is so frustrating.

  2. "Willful ignorance" is a notion which in the wrong hands is often translated into "religious faith." Much mischief ensues. Another translation is "false certainty." I have some hope that the audacity of the right (such as Colter's recent "our blacks" remark) may expose their true goals and beliefs, which is surely a development they do not wish (see., e.g., Pat Robertson's admonition to tone it down).