Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Really Always in the Weeds

(c) MGM

Read the article and the comments. Here's a parallel: back in the day, the Beatles just turned the music establishment upside down. After a time, things were back in their orderly places, with business executives in charge. I remember driving down East Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and hearing "Hey Jude" for the first time, on an ordinary radio station no less. My thought was, they just keep doing this, they are really amazing. It felt as solid as the thought that of course property values will keep rising, because of course "they aren't making any more land."

Of course people will "always" be able to say what they want on the internet.

Of course corn will always grow in Iowa.

Today I'm playing a dance down in Greenville, NC. Onward and upward with the arts, I say. Credit to Mr. Shawn of course!

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