Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You May Find Yourself

As usual, Doghouse nails the problem:

Kneel and pray all you want (hypocrites!). You think a lack of public sanctimony is what ailed Penn State? Jerry Sandusky was all about good works. Maybe one more minute of silence, on top of a decade or more of silence, wasn't exactly the best approach.

On the Right, apparently the "answer" to the problem posed by a ten year cover-up of an extremely nasty sex scandal involving multiple child molestations and one of the top BCS football programs in the country, plus the winningest coach of all time and a major university, is to just blame the "liberals" and the nanny state. Citations to this absurdity abound--you can just surf and find them. Even straight forward sports writers are cringing at the idea of possibly imposing major immediate sanctions on Penn State. Over at CNN the sports guy and the news guy got into an argument over whether the Penn State problem was even NCAA sanctionable, in principle.

There's just too much money at stake. Public prayer will have to suffice.

And same, apparently, goes for the suppression of First Amendment rights which New York City just imposed, in the early morning. There was no official media coverage either. Air space above the park was closed! No cams allowed. Coverage no doubt exists on YouTube. For the moment. Until Congress gets around to dealing with the money problem.

Hopefully New York's greatest band will throw a reunion concert, featuring their most remarkable song. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

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