Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two Days After T'giving

Surely one of the most absurd
ideas to have surfaced during this brief season of feasting is the Pam Geller rant about halal turkeys. Here's some info, if you find stupid interesting:

I think the best "response" might be Marcy Wheeler's, and it isn't really a response at all, just a good formula for making a good turkey (I think we'll try it at when Xmas arrives; we decided to have salmon fillets for our big meal this year. That way our elderly kitty could sit at the table with us. Anyways, here's Marcy, from her blog Empty Wheel (listed in my blog-roll):

I’ve had a request to explain how I use bacon on my turkey. As I’ve explained, I think the bacon serves the same purpose as brining (slow application of salt), without the meat losing it’s “bite” as I think can happen with brining. Plus, it protects the breast from over-browning. And best of all, you can pick it off at that point of the afternoon where you start to get really hungry but don’t want to ruin your appetite. And once you’ve cleaned the bacon off, it’ll brown nicely.

As you put the bird in the oven, cover it with bacon. I will use a full pound for a big bird, which is what we have this year (14 pounds).

I’ll tent my turkey for about an hour, then let the bacon brown for about 1.5 hours, and by then I’ll be ready for snacking. Which, after a couple of trips back to the oven to strip the bacon, should leave about an hour for the bird to brown.

In other matters, Doghouse comments today on a mass thievery occurring somewhere in Indianapolis just prior to the advent of Black Friday--seems some people figured out that all the cars parked in a shopping center lot, unattended, to save spaces for when the stores opened for the rush, might be full of good stuff already. This puts me in mind of an idea I had a while back. As many surely know, the price of copper has gone so high (probably due to a combination of demand and speculation) that people in desperate straits (or just plain crooks) are stealing copper right off the electric poles. All one needs, after all, is a boom truck, some insulated snips, and some knowledge about which wires not to mess with.

So, me wonders. Given that the larger problem we face is that speculators have cornered the market on success, and that the "job creators" have moved all the jobs to other corners of the world, why don't these copper coppers be channeled somehow to stealing the particular copper bits which transmit speculations concerning, e.g., copper. That way the circle would be closed in an obvious way to all concerned, rather than there being this convenient disconnect (no pun intended) between the people who drive up the prices and the people who are tempted by the "free" money festooning our environment everywhere they look.

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