Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Necessary and Sufficient Reason

Dean and Phil Ford (

Yesterday riding home from work Mr. Hannity was "interviewing" Mr. Romney. Mr. Romney, concerned no doubt that many of Hannity's listeners might still think him too "liberal" for their taste, said the following:

"Any candidate in our Republican field of candidates would be a better President than Mr. Obama."

With this statement, Mr. Romney has moved himself into the John McCain camp, at least in my book. I decided, in the fall of '08, that Mr. McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as a Vice-Presidential candidate, was clear proof that Mr. McCain was not capable of being President of the United States. This was McCain's first presidental act, as it were. For whatever reasons, he was willing to pick a person so obviously unqualified to be President that the mere fact of his choice implied that he, McCain, would likely not be capable of looking rationally at whatever deeply serious events might cross his path, should be actually achieve the office. And of course--as well--should Ms Palin have found herself elevated to President--Mr. McCain would have left the nation in that dire strait--a fate almost too disorienting to even contemplate in detail.

With Mr. Romney's unqualified statement yesterday, he falls into the same problem. We must assume that he isn't lying--if only because if he's lying about this, what can we believe? Yet there is no doubt at all that a good number--if not all--of the current Republican Presidential candidates are obviously and utterly unqualified to hold the office, much less manage the office better than Mr. Obama has done. Simple logic, then, leads me to the conclusion that Mr. Romney is himself unqualified to be President.

At least I can now deal with more pressing problems at hand--firewood, Christmas shopping, a new battery for the truck, the cat's more and more finicky eating habits. The Presidential Election is now just a matter of getting to the polling place next November (on the correct date, no help to the most unqualified Mr. Perry) and voting for the only choice--Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama is now a seasoned President. His second term should be better than his first--particularly if America also gives him a better Congress to work with by tossing out a goodly number of the unqualified Republicans who now hold office therein.

In the meantime--being from North Carolina--I'll also be sure to get to the polls in May to vote against our NC GOP's current effort at nasty--an anti-same sex marriage amendment. Just what NC needs--a divisive, pointless constitutional amendment to get out the homophobe vote. Only last week our GOP Legislature voted to rescend a law aimed at reducing racial bias in the court system. Way to go, fellers and "gals."

It's a weird thing to watch the clock running backards while the seasons progress in their more or less usual manner, leaves falling, the frost needing a scraping before I leave for work at more or less the crack o dawn. Any day now I expect to see Jesse Helms appear again on Channel 5, Raleigh's flagship Teevee station, sneering about Jane Fonda, Joan Baez, and the dirty hippies in Chapel Hill. Back in '61, when I started my college adventure there, the students burned Dean Smith in effigy because his first season was a losing one. Ramblin' Jack Elliot played on campus that year, and was booed when he refused to sing "Ghost Riders in the Sky", the only song in the folkie vein some front-row rowdies had apparently ever heard. Later Josh White played--and sang "Strange Fruit." I had no idea, of course, of that song's history. I had never heard of Billie Holiday at that point in my education.

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