Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cudos to Chris Hayes

Well, there was finally some realistic and clear thinking coverage of the RNC just past. Go find the 9/1/12 Chris Hayes show--surely it's at the MSNBC website. Watch the whole thing. Even the Republican representative, a nice naive young man who writes for Bloomberg News, pretty much told the truth.

The trouble with the Republicans is, their positions are so wrong that they dare not tell the voting public what they are voting for. That's the truth, on all fronts, foreign and domestic. (The Republican representative on the Hayes panel is of the view that Mr. Romney is too nice to start a new war, no matter what he or his advisors might imply.)

Instead, the Republicans simply invoke the general angst of an old guard that knows things are changing, and doesn't like it a bit, then toss in all the racism and sexism they can to get the rest of us to vote against our own interests for the sake of some seeming small step for redress.

For leadership to do this--and this has been the Republican way for decades--is a betrayal of itself. All it takes is to see this clear and the voters should run away in droves, leaving only the residue of true racists and sexists.

And, as Bob Herbert says on Hayes' panel, there are just not that many of those. Which in my view is the question.

Meanwhile, Doghouse has found a piece by the Washington Post Fact Checker, which is interesting to read after listening to the factchecking discussion on the Hayes show:

The problem is, it is exceeding hard for many people to awake from this dream. Including, apparently, even people like the Washington Post Fact Checker, who manage to sleep and write at the same time.

Re Clint Eastwood's RNC moment, Juan Cole has the best response:

As all of these points resided in my memory, I cannot understand why professional reporters on the scene failed to recall any of them after Mr. Eastwood had finished his performance.

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