Monday, September 3, 2012

How They Make It Up

There's a video from Bill Maher's latest show floating around the internet right now. It was reposted on Digby this morning. Check it out; link's at the bottom. It's pretty amazing how completely Mr. De Souza ignores plain and obvious facts. But if you think about what he says in response to Maher's point on the Health Care Reform Act, you will recognize that this obvious circularity is exactly what the whole GOP is saying about Mr. Obama. He's a "hateful," "uncompromising" President because he didn't accept ideas that the GOP allegedly presented to him in 2009. Never mind that the whole Health Care Bill is based on a GOP designed framework, namely the plan their own current Presidential Candidate actually instituted when he was Governor, and which he based on their own 1996 Presidential Candidate's plan.

The GOP is not interested in repairing things that need repairing. They are interested in power. Period. Mr. Obama's mistake, in his first term, was to assume that the GOP was a reasonable body of politicians interesting in co-governance. Mr. Obama was, in a word, too reasonable.

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