Friday, September 21, 2012

The Serious Part

I found this piece via Lance Mannion. Mr. Klein gets to the serious heart of why Mr. Romney is so wrong, and why he would be such a dangerous person if he were President.

The Republicans seem to live in a world of stereotype and cliche. Maybe most of us are guilty of this in some ways. But most of us don't get it as wrong as Mr. Romney does--and we're not wanting to be President, most of us. Another example--Scott Brown said night, in his debate with Elizabeth Warren, "just look at her, she's no native American." (I paraphrase). He said this several times. That's Archie Bunker land. Archie Bunker was, supposedly, a comic character written for our amusement. I mean as opposed to a real person aspiring to be a Senator. Or a President.

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