Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Limbaugh Is So Happy

The country is fortunate to have an opportunity to see the "real" Mitt Romney revealed in his "off the cuff" remarks to his peer group. We didn't get to see who Nixon "really" was until the Watergate tapes came out. But it's important to understand that Romney is just mainstreaming the views of the hard right radio ranters--something I recognized when I heard the snippets fifty times in the last two days, and something Mr. Limbaugh recognized too.

While the apologizers and strokers and fluffers in the big media were moving carefully away from Mr. Romney (see, e.g., the ballyhooed Thurston Howell column by David Brooks, who is faster than a neutrino at getting on the safe side of the conflagration--so quick you can't see the flash of movement with the naked eye), for Limbaugh and the hard righters, this is opportunity calling. The hard right dreams of a race war. They hope for a final solution. They imagine that after such a solution the country will be relatively empty again--with close to 50 percent of our citizens vanished. Limbaugh wants Romney to run directly on the platform of "freeloaders" v "job creators." To win on such an argument would be to ratify a national course of action aimed at finally paying these "moochers" back. Romney in his "off the cuff" remarks even suggests a payback to come.

The job plan of the Republican party is to reduce working people to such an abject state that they will never again object to anything about their job circumstances. With such a workforce, jobs will return to America. The folks who continue to object? Well, how far are we from viewing their objections as threats to the national security of the "homeland." Can't be having the power go out unexpectedly.

Go to work with a smile. President Romney will put YOU on the roof. As for that nice Jewish boy, Ez Klein, who keeps crunching the numbers and noticing that almost all of this so-called non-taxpaying 47% actually does pay taxes, and/or is retired and living on the meager benefits of Social Security that they already paid for with their taxes, or falls into some other category such as Tea Party Voter or student. Well, we damn well know what the Germans did with smart-aleck Jews, now don't we.

Romney feeds the right-wing fantasy of hate when he's talking "off the cuff," which someone on MSNBC translated as "from the heart." Look who jumps onto that bandwagon. It's a tell.

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Meanwhile, in the real world, stuff that Presidents actually should be thinking about continues to happen:

I'll bet you that Mr. Obama has a lot of this history and perspective in mind even as we speak. And from the sound of Mr. Romney's recent remarks to the wealthy, he may not even know there is a smoldering war in Afganistan--yet another legacy of the last Republican era, just three years past. Some folks at least fairly close to the Village campfire are taking notice:

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