Saturday, September 29, 2012

While You Were Distracted

We probably ought to watch the Samuel L. Jackson "Wake the F**k Up" video every morning, first thing, election or not, winter, spring, summer, fall. It's always relevant. Because this:

is always going on in one form or another. Here in NC our new Fracking Board just met for the first time. Their task, set by our Republican-dominated legislature, is to decide whether and where fracking is to be done. A lot of it is apparently going to be done pretty near where I live, next county to the south. The chairman of the Fracking Board is a Lee County commissioner. He is already quoted as stating that opposition to fracking is based on "emotionalism." He aims to get that out of the way while the Board he chairs discusses whys and wheres. It is said that he has personal ties to some of the likely real estate. Same as it ever was.

I would think that Mr. Obama is aware of much that Mr. Cole relates in the linked post. Probably Mr. Obama doesn't care to have the current political "conversation" (which might be better described by some other name, such as "wrangle" or "posturing pity-party" or, you name it) shift to something real, like the possibility of war with Iran. I doubt Mr. Romney would really want to be forced to expound on his seemingly pathetic sense of foreign policy either. We can just guess what Romney will do by looking at his advisors--pretty much the same point of view is represented that was represented during the last 8-year Republican Administration, the one that shall not be named by the current and identical folks. Even Mr. Rumsfeld has reemerged. Surely there is some job for Scooter.

One can only hope that Mr. Obama can keep this looming catastrophe at bay. It would be really nice if he has the chance to attack the deeper problem of the Palestinian people and their plight. We have already heard from Mr. Romney on that score, in the 47% video.

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