Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why They Booed

You can't reasonably argue with this:

A salient quote:

You have to wonder what good it is to bother supporting women for political posts when they can’t summon the courage and common sense to knock out insulting language like this in the 2012 Democratic Platform under the heading “Protecting a Woman’s Right to Choose”:

“Abortion is an intensely personal decision between a woman, her family, her doctor, and her clergy; there is no place for politicians or government to get in the way.”

Well shucks, if her family, doctor, and clergy get to make a woman’s decision for her, why not drag in politicians, governments, and any stray passerby and his dog to have their say as well? What kind of a personal decision is that??

The fact is, the Democrats are a muddled, nervous lot, and that includes their President, Mr. Barack Obama. After Fox News spent hours snarking on the "fact" that the Democratic Platform didn't "include" God, well by gawd the next day they damn well included Him in the Platform, ex post facto, and for that matter, deus ex machina, which caused consternation amongst a majority of delegates (not your low info voters, who make up the vast majority of voters apparently). The Speaker then ruled, and it was Law.

Mr. Clinton made the point that Mr. Obama exemplifies the truth, in his management philosophy, that in order to get something done you have to deal with them what's there, across the table. Mr. Clinton even said that Mr. Obama still maintains this brave approach to dealing with the nihilists who have captured the GOP, and who swore an oath never to cooperate with Mr. Obama on anything, including propositions he might offer which were identical to propositions they had already asserted themselves, such as, e.g., the Health Care Reform Act and Cap and Trade systems.

So who's to say that the political women of the Convention didn't summon the courage and common sense. Who knows. The Chair counted the "votes."

But. Let us be clear. Democrats at the moment face an implacable opposition determined to do just about anything to win, certainly including all manner of appeals to racism, sexism, chauvinism, nativism, and just plain dumbass. Mr. Romney has now suggested that Mr. Obama plans to remove "In God We Trust" from the coinage. Last night during the ragged start-stop last race before the Chase that NASCAR put on in Richmond, Capital of the Confederacy, Mr. Romney asserted in several ads that he would bring 250,000* jobs to North Carolina. That's pretty fucking amazing for a guy who believes that a government job "policy" is equivalent to reducing regulations, period. He didn't address the loss of all those jobs filing the coinage either. Some of them would surely have been happening in the old Nawth State.

Chris Hayes suggested this morning that one reason to vote Rom would be, some "governance" would at least occur, versus another four years of total cynicism from a Republican controlled Congress. This of course presumes that any law-making is better than none. Tell that to the wimmens.

I'd love for the Democratic Party to take better positions. I'd love for the Democrats to tell Fox News it is a lying, obfuscating political advertisment masquerading as a news network. I agree with Charles Pierce--why the hell don't the Democrats simply stand on the law of the land--women have a right to choose, no further modifiers needed or required. I surely do hope that if Obama wins, and if he is saddled with a Republican controlled Congress, that he will STOP with the compromising, with the eye to eye reasoning, with the grand bargain after grand bargain. The last Republican Administration wrecked the country, and they know it--that's why they didn't even invite their last President and Vice President to their Convention. (Not much made of that on Fox "News.") They have no new ideas or plans. They have a Robber Baron as their Presidential Candidate, and an Objectivist as their Veep. They have made promises to their core constituents of racists, chauvinists, nativists, and Christianists, which there ain't no way a President as weak and craven as Mr. Romney can possibly renege on. Sandra Fluke was exactly right in her comments at the Democratic Convention--women will be returned to the '50s at best, and that's just the start of it.

I know it's a broken record here, but what we have is a two party system. The purity objection, when made at the moment by Democrats and progressives who are sick and tired of compromise with the breathtakingly dumbass, only gives dumbass more votes. It ain't rite, but it's true.

Nonetheless, the dissonance created when sensible people are confronted with a deus ex machina or two ought to at least be acknowledged and respected. Somewhere, sometime, the Democratic leadership owes the people who keep voting for reason an apology. Juan Cole is dead right:

Maybe, win or lose, late November, 2012 might be the moment for such an apology.

*The ad keeps running, and I noticed that he's saying 350 K, not 250 K. On the other hand, I'd expect that if queried on a Wednesday or Saturday, Romney will say that he's talking about the whole Great Land of Ours, not just NC. Doing the math, I discovered that he's promising 7,000 jobs per state if that is indeed his actual "promise."

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