Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving a Frack

Here's a simple little post from Digby today:


Save this link! This is why I'm posting it, primarily. Because for mysterious reasons that must go deep into the psychology of people, Republicans keep imagining that they are not racists. Atwater offered them a new way of thinking I guess. They get to absolve themselves. Then the rich guys who are willing to actually shut down their businesses in some cases rather than give an inch on workers conditions poor billions into talking heads like Limbaugh, who keeps the Atwater mumbojumbo alive in his listeners subconscious, reinforced nearly every livelong day.

Did you see the percentages of the Presidential election broken down by race? In my sad state, North Carolina, only 31% of white folks voted for Mr. Obama. Now we have a hard right frackin' governor, Pat McCrory, who's closest advisor is Art Pope, who is the money behind "Americans for Prosperity."

Boy oh boy, it's going to be interesting here in the old Nawth State the next four years.

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