Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Planning or Not

Here's a good post:

Here in North Carolina the last Legislature voted to ignore any long-term data concerning ocean-level rise. We voted more Republicans in this time around too. After they get through with their efforts to destroy Planned Parenthood (there's that word again), they'll probably redouble their efforts at censoring scientific comment on the changing climate.

I have no idea why NC fell backwards into the lap of stupid that is our general regional condition to the south. We have, in recent elections, escaped the deadly radiation of Strom Thurmonism which destroys all consideration and cogitation within its zone of influence. Virginia does some pretty strange things, but it's not South Carolina. Now we've fallen back. We are but one of the Carolinas. Don't much matter which.

We're still the place where hurricanes arrive like Nolan Ryan fastballs into the big catcher's mitt that is our coastline between Wilmington and Ocracoke. Some years they all come straight on in. Maybe they'll arrive in November, or at Christmas, one of these days. Or at Easter. But they ain't a'goin' away as long as the planet spins.

That was one good reason, amongst many, why North Carolina bothered to put a lot of money into the system of universities we have. And of course even Mr. Fracked Up, Pat McCrory, Gov-elect, believes pretty much in the science of geology when it yields news such as that there's a bunch of natural gas residing under the water supply where I happen to live. No doubt the funds will continue to flow into the N.C. State Geology Department.

And no doubt the calendar will remain relevant past December 12, 2012. Which means one of these days there'll be another election here in North Carolina.

Meanwhile, I'm thankful that we get off tomorrow and Friday. I plan on climbing my tin roofs and sweeping the leaves off before they rust the tin through. Then I can watch some football and pick ticks off the Houdahenians. That's another indicator of climate change.

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