Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lyin' Eyes, Part Seventyleven

I used to get in arguments with folks around here who refused to see any indication of racism in the various Tea Party rallies and events which dotted the news starting in the months after Mr. Obama's election.

"We're just concerned with the deficit," they'd say. "We have to protect the country from people who would spend our future."

"What about those obviously racist signs?" I'd ask. "What about that picture of Mr. Obama dressed as a bushman, with a bone through his nose?"

"Balderdash! PIffle!! We can't keep out passerby at an open rally. It might have been David Segretti, who knows."

Here in NC our Republican candidate to replace Democratic Senator Kay Hagan next year just spoke at some right wing event in Raleigh. His topic was Nullification. If the Republicans could find Major Hoople, they'd surely run him.

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