Friday, October 18, 2013

Who Gets Wounded

Here's an example of a regular person with a regular job who was damaged to the soul by the vandalism of the pompous blowhards who just for the hell of it, and in the face of certain "defeat" (which in this case is nothing more than a synonym for "reality") were just okey-dokey with wrecking a million other people's lives. This lady cracked. She's probably lost her job. What the hell did Ted F**king Cruz, Louie Gomert, and the rest of these idiots get out of her destruction? Probably a lot of contributions from the millions of Americans who have no clue at all of how huge and complex America is, and who imagine the metaphor of budgeting quarters around the kerosene lamp in the kitchen of 1933 is exactly how things really work in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, over at Edroso's place, there's a huge bunch of great comments concerning Edroso's observation that them GOPers sure do know how to pivot to victimhood on a Roosevelt dime. I liked particularly the observation that whilst the Koch money seemed endless, there was always an unspoken imperative: don't mess with the Money.

There is, however, a long-term strategy still at work in the party of the insurrectionists. If their deepest concern is with the fact of entitlement programs, it is still true that a real American default would probably destroy the entitlement programs. Along with a great lot of other important, on-going things. You can make your own list. The Representative from Virginia who opined last week that the American Revolution caused the "default" of the Colonies, but look how great that turned out, is suggesting that this is their ultimate strategy.

At least until the next Authoritarian figure emerges. Because the sad thing about the GOP is, it is no longer a party in a democratic system of government, but a body of people yearning for a big man on a white horse who will order them to do what he determines is best. As many a historian has observed, get rid of enough needed government services and such a man will emerge, pretty much of necessity.


  1. "Americans who have no clue at all of how huge and complex America is..."
    yes. that is exactly it.

  2. The underlying complexities of both the shutdown itself and the reasoning that might have lead to it are addressed in this terrific piece, with lots of links: