Monday, November 22, 2004

2 Day Coffee (A Sprightly Piedmont Blues)

Cat got me up at 5:05
I ain’t gonna be Gitmoized
2 day coffee goes down the drain,
Way folks do is a cryin’ shame
What you reckon people will think
If they ever wake up some day

Ain’t nothin’ but news about Iraq
Some fool’s head in a gunny sack,
Nother fool done tole some lies
I can see by the down look in his eyes
He ain’t goin’ no wheres
Les’ he wakes up some day.

Peoples grin and wave their hands
Talk real hard about promised land,
And ever day some car blows up
Put the GI in a Dixie cup,
Send him or her home to dad—
Maybe they’ll wake up some day.

Gas gone up to touch the sky,
2 day coffee, it ain’t half bad,
Pabst Blue Ribbon will get you high,
Just turn off the damn TV
Yes Pabst Blue Ribbon will get you high
Just turn off the damn TV!

Author’s note: for an optimistic tone, repeat the first verse, for pessimism, end by turning off the TV.