Sunday, February 28, 2010

You Busted Jesus on Alcohol Charges???

Mypal Rodney Sutton, one of the original Green Grass Cloggers of yore, sent me the following. I'm hoping the links work:

Feb 27, 2010 12:02 PM
Thought you might like to hear this. Here's the latest from one of my cousins in Duplin County who sent this about Senator Charlie Albertson's song. I've known Charlie since high school. He's a few years older than me and is the uncle of my of my closest high school friends. Here's a YouTube of the song.
Rumor has it that Willie has said that he will never perform in North Carolina again! Pity! You can read what went down the night of the bust at


Hello!  I'm sure most of you saw the news articles, etc., regarding the fiasco of Willie Nelson's band when they were supposed to perform in Duplin Co. in January.  We just thought you might like to hear this song that N.C. Senator Charlie Albertson, also a musician, performer and song writer, wrote regarding the bust.  To me the sending of 13 Alcohol Law Enforcement personnel to this performance was somewhat suspicious.  Willie also canceled the performance that he was to give in Asheville in the next day or so after this.  It not only gave Duplin County a bad name but also North Carolina.  The events center was one way to draw people to this county and bring in revenue and jobs but now is having a hard time booking groups to perform because of it.  Vince Gill and Amy Grant were tentatively scheduled to perform sometime next fall but they now are not coming either.  What a shame this dama
ge has done to our county. The Duplin County Sheriff's Dept. is noted in this e-mail as participating but they had nothing to do with the "Operation On The Road Again". They were only at the events center, as they always are, to provide security. Enjoy Charlie's song. Judith

Willie Nelson's January 28, Kenansville, NC concert was cancelled after the NC Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE), Duplin County Sheriff's Department and Kenansville Police busted members of Nelson's band and crew in what law enforcement officers called "Operation On the Road Again".

Duplin County's state Senator Charlie Albertson (910) 296-4413) has written a song about last month's aborted Willie Nelson concert at the Duplin County Events Center. Albertson, who is a country musician and singer himself, has played at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and is locally well-known for his singing, offers his perspective on the incident.

by Senator Charlie Albertson

He came from Abbott Texas all the way to Caroline

A place called Duplin County where we grow and drink the wine.

The law converged when they heard, the outlaw was in town

"Operation on the Road Again" would bring the whole thing down.

More than a dozen ALEs seems much more than enough

It was cold, guess they took turns sniffing around the bus.

Inside the people waited, some had a cool one in their hand

It was over before it started, the law had busted Willie's band.

Some say he's an icon, we've watched him make it to the top

One thing he's never tried to be is somebody that he's not.

The songs he's wrote are part of us, they'll keep living on

Why don't they leave the man alone, let him write and sing his songs.

The fans were disappointed, some say it was a shame

We lost more than the revenue, it hurt the county's name

How could a night that seemed so right, turn out oh so wrong?

They should have left the man alone, and let him play and sing his songs

He's wrote a lot of songs we love, The Night Life and Crazy come to mind

Family Bible on the Table, today songs like these are hard to find.

He sings for family farmers He's On the Road Again in a busted bus thats home

Why don't they leave the man alone, let him write and sing his songs.