Saturday, September 2, 2006

Yes Men Video

In the interest of keeping even this snappy page of 19th Century Opinions with at least a toe or two into the 21st Century, we post a spiffy video from You Tube commenting on the current commissioners race in Chatham County, NC, about which I have commented previously (see Data Mines and Rock Quarries and Economic Secession). The spry if elderly woman speaking at the podium with such eloquence is Beth Dixon of Mt. Vernon Springs, a small community just SE of Siler City which is the proposed site of ISP-Minerals’ new quarry and granule manufacturing facility. She will live just across the street from the belching behemoth, and expects to see her lovely ‘30s era masonry dwelling cracked and wracked by the blasting and general trembling of the earth the mine will produce as a byproduct of its operations. She’ll also have her well go dry most likely and will probably breathe a whole lot more fine silicate—but what the hell, she’s old. The three men seen voting are the commissioners who were voted out in the May primary, the “yes men.” In this particular vote they’re agreeing to give ISP $3 million in tax monies because the billionaire owner of the company wants some more money. We’re all hoping the new commissioners will be more concerned with the common good. All politics is local, except when it isn’t. As Nancy Pelosi said, “we want subpoena power.” Y’all vote Nov. 7.

--Bill Hicks, Albright Township, Chatham Co.
Here's a link to the "Yes Men" clip on You Tube if you can't view it above: The video was posted on October 27 by markbarroso.